Mythic Blue Mermaid/Merman tail

$231.43 USD

Emerged from the depths of the Atlantic Ocean, this tail shimmers in different shades of blue, giving it a touch of mysticism. - A must-have for every sea creature or for those who still want to become one.

Temporary Edition - Only until the end of August 2018!

  • Great new costumes with exclusive Merman-Atlas Designs
  • NEW! Eco-friendly fabric from recycled fisher nets!
  • With hyper realistic scale pattern and side fins!
  • With extra large, resonant fin section and nice dorsal fin
  • New fabrics advantages - more durable, no pilling, less shining through
  • Suitable for Magictail®-Pro Fins and Mahina Fins

Limited Edition!

Size M will be suitable for age 12 "adult size S "to adult L. and Size L will be for bigger than Size L adult. Premium Mermaid tails are bigger than usual Mermaid tail size so they fit very well for any adult size. For more information please check My Size.

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