Rainbow Pro Mermaid tail Full Set size M

$272.29 USD

Mermaid tail pro costume for professional swimming. red, Yellow, green and blue - for teenager and adults.

This genuine Magictail® set for teenager contains everything a professional mermaid needs for swimming.

Tail Skin Sizes inch, lb: Size chart

  • M: Body height 59-65 in, 110-143 lb
  • L: Body height 65-74 in, 143-209 lb
  • XL: Body height 74-79 in, 198-265 lb

Tail Skin Sizes cm, kg: Size chart

  • M: Body height 150-165 cm, 50-65 kg
  • L: Body height 165-185 cm, 65-95 kg
  • XL: Body height 185-200 cm, 90-120 kg

 If you would like to purchase this item in different variation that is not available above, please email us on info@mermaidubai.com.

Please note:

Our mermaid costumes are not a swim aid! It's only for good swimmers!

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