Pirate Curse Mermaid tail

$272.26 USD

Pirate Curse Mermaid/Merman tail costume with a Pro-fin in Black and gold colors and sides fins and extra large fin part fitting. Design and manufacture by Magictail for professional Mermaid specific for mermaid show and entertainment professionals.

Best for Halloween parties, beach parties and events by professional Mermaid. 

Please contact info@mermaidubai.com for information regarding professional mermaid hiring. 

Sizes inch, lb: Size chart

  • M: Body height 59-65 in, 110-143 lb
  • L: Body height 65-74 in, 143-209 lb
  • XL: Body height 74-79 in, 198-265 lb

Sizes cm, kg: Size chart

  • M: Body height 150-165 cm, 50-65 kg
  • L: Body height 165-185 cm, 65-95 kg
  • XL: Body height 185-200 cm, 90-120 kg

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