Mermaid Tail Pro from Magictail

Here is the New Mermaid Tail Pro from Magictail, it much bigger than normal size monofin used in mermaid tail but its much beautiful and recommended for

but it's much beautiful and recommended for a professional swimmer who loves to dive in the deep. This tail gives you the ability to dive deeper and easier movement in the deep.



 How to wear the Mermaid tail



Mermaid Tail New Collection “FLASH”

Watch amazing Video of New Fin “FLASH” Collection. to find out more about Magictail New Collection please check out Collection

Mermaid tail “New collection” Made in Germany


Little Mermaid having fun with swimming!

It’s wonderful how quick kids learn to swim like a Little Ariel. It’s adventure, sport, fun for a little Girl. Even she is new with her Mermaid tail, after few minutes she looks totally natural with her swimsuit costume. find out more about Magictail Mermaid Costume at collection

What is Mermaiding? 

What is Mermaiding?

Mermading is a new generation of synchronized swimming under water. It is very popular in Europe and America and growing very fast. Mermading is a mixture of sport and fun for a toddler to young people. It is a type of dance that helps to create Muscles and strength while you are having fun in the water. Watch this amazing Video from Magictail. You can learn few tricks, like Back Flip, Ring, The eight, Synchron turn and our favorite one, DNA spirals….

We would love to see how you are progressing and please send us movie or photos… If you are looking for purchasing a Magictail Mermaidtail to swim in, you can find them here at Mermaidubai or you can shop in our Facebook/Mermaidubai.






Few days after Being a Mermaid our little Siren is enjoying Mermading in the pool…


Enjoy watching this amazing movie of Mermaids underwater. Looking forward to posting your own Mermaid movies on our website.




We, at Mermaidubai, are proud to announce that the Mermaid tails and costumes are now available in the GCC (UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain and Oman). This swimming fin is suitable for adult and Kids.

Movie from Kika Live