My Size

To find the right size Mermaid tail you need to check 2 parameters:

1. Your Age

2. Dress size

*Shoe size: If you purchase Super monofin then it cover shoe size 33EU to 41 adult size so its almost free size. for age 7 to adult would fit in “super monofin”all the mermaid tail in website are packed with Super monofin. f you wish to purchase another type of monofin you can purchase the tail skin and monofin separately. smaller than 34 could fit in XS Mermaid tail. if you need other type of monofins like XT, Regular Monofin or pro set then you need to check the shoe size in chart below.

Then it’s easier to find your right size. Make sure you find the right Tail skin and if you are older than 14 years old check Bikini size as well otherwise Bikini size will follow the tail skin size).

If you have bigger shoe size or bigger Tail skin size, don’t worry just send email to, we match them as per your size. 

If you still having trouble to find the right size just send SMS or whatsApp on 00971501624147, We will check the size for you.

Bellow there are 3 different ways to find the sizes, perhaps one of those would help you:


You can view all models based on size on below links: 

Models in size XS  age 5 to 7 years old

Model in size S   age 7 to 10 Years old

Models in size M  Age 10 to small adult 

Models in size L age size M adult to size L ( bra size can be chosen)