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 Royal Mermaid Birthday Party - Dubai

Pearls Activity

You can choose from a variety of selected activities that we can offer for the birthday. Different types of stations are available like “Colour ”, “Colour The Shells” and “Making a Necklace”.

First Real Pearl experience 


Pearl Experience - Mermaid Dubai

In the most extraordinary and luxury activity you can imagine, your kids will have a chance to catch a real mussel from our beautifully decorated aquarium. 

They already love their mussel - which is closed - and it may have a pearl inside. They will open the mussel with our help if needed and here is the experience that they have not had before. They are over the moon and you can see their excitement in their faces.

They look for the pearl and the moment they found it – a real natural pearl - you will hear how they are exited and amazed by finding it.

Each pearl is unique and different in colour, size and shape. They might even find a black one which is the rarest of them all.

No one knows the colour beforehand so it is a total surprise. We will give them a beautiful pearl cage necklace to keep their treasure safe together with some more beads and a star for the final touch in order to make sure the pearl doesn’t miss its sea friends.

We did this experience with seven girls. We have seen how kids love this experience and still after long time, all of the girls are wearing the pearl necklace which reminds them of the amazing birthday party:

“there was a day that I became a real Mermaid just like Barbie or Sophia the Mermaid - a really real Mermaid”

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