Neptuna Mermaid tail Size XS

$149.74 USD

The Mermaid Tail “Model Neptuna” Size XS Bright lime green colour. It fits for Children from 5 up to 7 Years Old. It´s made of a special scale printed on high elastic swim suit fabric (20% Lycra, 80% Polyester). After removing the Monofin, it is washable at 80 °F. 

Mermaid set size XS in bright lime green for children between 5 to 7 years. US size 5-7. Monofin shoe size US/EU 12-12.5/30-34 and bra size S.

 Please note; Your child should be able to swim well in the water and in the deep to be able to swim with Mermaid tail.

Mono fin for children

It has a fin level of about 40x40cm and fits shoe sizes from US/UK 12 - 2, EU size 30 to 34 kids shoe size

Attention, the XS costume fits only with the supplied XS. It is not compatible with other monofins of Magictail. 

The Mermaid Costume is not a swimming aid. To be used only by experienced swimmers. Children must always be under the supervision of a parent.

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