$133.41 USD

MerOrca Mermaiding costume for swimming with real shark structure in black/blue. For mermaids and Mermen, complete with Super Magictail monofin. This tail is used as a shark tail as well for boys. 


This is an original Magictail® MerOrca complete set for adults and children. It contains everything a real mermaid and a real merman needs.

  • The high-quality Mermaiding costume MerOrca with shark structure in black/blue available in 3 sizes.
  • Selectable: the comfortable Mermaiding monofin "Super" or the super longlasting monofin classic
  • Original Magictail bag "Mermaizing M" for a stylish and easy transport of the costume set.
  • A care and instruction and a  manual.

Note: The MerOrca swimsuit "Super" is not a swimming aid and is only suitable for swimmers (at least seahorses).

Size will be suitable for age 9 to small adult. For more information please check My Size.

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