Where to buy mermaids tails? Shop Location June 14 2016

If you are guest and you need to take the gift mermaid tail swim suit right away, Here is one of place that they are selling our Magictail Mermaid costume. 

Stitches groups is a quiet big showroom in Al Manara Road, street 8th, not only you find beautiful Magictail- Germany mermaids fish tails there, also you get lots of other items like Clark shoes which are usually the size you want is out of stock in other shops and uniform for school also lots of stationery and nice costumes for gymnastic and swimming.

Even they have a personalised stamp with mermaid icon next to the name that you can order with your own name under Stamp my name brand. We found it very cute to stamp your name with mermaid icon  on all your stationary.

Here is the location to shop: Stitches Group

You can contact the shop directly on 04 348 6110 for more information. The opening hours is 9am to 6pm and they are open from Saturday to Thursday.

Incase if the model or size that you are looking for was out of stock in the shop, you can call us on 0097150 162 4147 for arranging the delivery or pick up. We don’t let a dream of a child down and we make sure she will have her gift on time and in the same day.

Let us know if you visit the showroom, how was your experience by email to: info@mermaidubai.com

Please also visit our Facebook page and let us know that you have visited the showroom and keep in touch.