Where to Try & Buy Mermaid tail in Dubai July 25 2017

If you are one of those who like to try before buy, We understand that! We are selling online and we don’t have shop but there are few shops that are selling our Mermaid tail.

Stitches is one the best shop who has most range of our Mermaid fins with many different sizes. You can also order the model you want to see at the shop by calling 04 3456110 or whatsApp on: 0501624147.In this case we will make sure you the model and size you are looking for is available when you visit the store and you can try, test and purchase what you are looking for…

Here is the address and information:

Stitches Shop Dubai: 043 486110 


Location Map Mermaidubai



That's where the Festive began for our Little Mermaids November 27 2016

After a lovely Christmas-Mermaids photo shoot, We Jumped in the swimming pool and swim with our fabulous Mermaid fins, here is us enjoying every moment of it!

What’s better than having your dream comes thru in this festive with “The Original Mermaid tail” made in Germany. Check out the link for Mermaidtail without bikini and don't miss the sale.

Don’t forget to check out the adorable Christmas Mermaid Hat and stocking as well. We wore them even under water and it was fun…

Contact us on WhatsApp Helpline on 00971501624147.

Buy Mermaid tail at Dubai Beach Ladies Club from 21st to 28th October on weekends October 18 2016

We are glad to inform you that Mermaidubai will participate in Beachella event at Dubai Ladies Club Jumeirah beach Next to Four season resort with Original Magictail Mermaid fin.  Amazing Mermaid costume designs for all the ages from 5 years to adult size XL  with mermaid skin scale printed pattern and best design. 

Not only you can try them on but you can swim with Mermaid swim wear in the water. Make friends with other Mermaid and have fun mermaiding. Take photo and show your friends how fast you could swim with mermaid fin. 

We do have some Mono fins and tail skins on sale so Hurry up! and be the first to check them up on Friday 21st October. Sale will be on until the stock last and available on limited models.

We will be there next to the pool for 2 weekends Friday & Saturday 21st, 22nd, 28th and 29th from 9am to 6pm. Rental time is 4 to 6pm. 

There are lots of other exciting activities like picnic on Grass area, Free yoga event massage next to the sea and great food and set up with DJ and music. Many companies such as Spa, Make up, Skin products and sports and weight loss are offering free trial and samples of their product for ladies. Amazing water activities that you can get only at Ladies club, Our favourite is the swing in the sea and Flamingo tube on the water. We are sure you will love it.

Here is some photos from last year event and our participation in Beach festival at Ladies Club:

Buy Mermaid tail original at Ladies club OCT 21,22nd 2016, have fun rent Mermaid fin and enjoy the offers


The entrance fee is 150AED for early purchase and its free for the members.

For more information regarding the event  and other activities in ladies club Beachella event please visit Dubai ladies Club

For more info Please whatsApp on 00971501624147

Looking forwards to meet you all there…



Mermaid tails-Fins size XS for Small Kids Fun for parents and children. Available now! July 28 2016


Mermaid tail-fin XS for ages 5 to 7 is the new collection from Magictail for the hot summer. Have fun watching your little Princess swim like mermaids! 

The new fins size XS extra small have quite a small mono fin which makes it much easier for kids age 5 to 7 to swim in it. The available models and colors are Sirene, Arielle, Marina and Neptuna.

How cute to watch our little girls or boys to swim with mermaid tails or fish tails. 

There were so many requests for smaller size costume, as the age of learning to swim starts much earlier, that the manufacturer decided to produce a smaller version. Kids age 5 have already started classes to learn swimming or parents spent more time in the pool with their own kids in earlier ages, children learn to swim much earlier especially in hot and summery countries like the UAE, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Oman. 

Our kids spent more time in the pool than on the playground, which makes them cool down from the heat and also it’s a perfect sport. Imagine how an amazing entertaining and fantasy game is added to all those great water activities.  

Not to mention that as parents we enjoy and are fascinated by watching them quite a lot.

To shop directly from Mermaidubai website please click here. You can contact us for any assistance on 00971501624147 (available in whatsApp). Cash on delivery is available for whole GCC counties. 

At last and most important is safety of your child! This product is suitable for kids who are able to swim very well in the water and in the deep.

This product is dangerous for children who cannot yet swim! Parents’ supervision is required at all times. 


Where to buy mermaids tails? Shop Location June 14 2016

If you are guest and you need to take the gift mermaid tail swim suit right away, Here is one of place that they are selling our Magictail Mermaid costume. 

Stitches groups is a quiet big showroom in Al Manara Road, street 8th, not only you find beautiful Magictail- Germany mermaids fish tails there, also you get lots of other items like Clark shoes which are usually the size you want is out of stock in other shops and uniform for school also lots of stationery and nice costumes for gymnastic and swimming.

Even they have a personalised stamp with mermaid icon next to the name that you can order with your own name under Stamp my name brand. We found it very cute to stamp your name with mermaid icon  on all your stationary.

Here is the location to shop: Stitches Group

You can contact the shop directly on 04 348 6110 for more information. The opening hours is 9am to 6pm and they are open from Saturday to Thursday.

Incase if the model or size that you are looking for was out of stock in the shop, you can call us on 0097150 162 4147 for arranging the delivery or pick up. We don’t let a dream of a child down and we make sure she will have her gift on time and in the same day.

Let us know if you visit the showroom, how was your experience by email to:

Please also visit our Facebook page and let us know that you have visited the showroom and keep in touch.


Sale on Mermaid tail for Jumeirah Moms May 03 2016

Mermaid tail discount in JumeExclusive sale for Jumeirah Moms, subscribe to Mermaidubai for future sale and events

 Simply write the code”Jumeirah Moms” at checkout and get 10% discount on your Mermaid tail order. Delivery is free of charge during the promotion time in UAE and quickly you have your order at. You can choose “cash on delivery” and pay when you received your order at your door.

If ordering from the website is a hassle. Just send us WhatsApp and we will book your order for you!

You can contact, WhatsApp and SMS on 00971501624147

or book your order online at mermaid tail collection.


New Mermaid Tail Fascinating Colours March 02 2016

Magictail announced a new collection of Mermaid Fins in 2016 and now all models are available in UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Oman.

Be ready to glow magically in the water with these new colour combinations. Those colours remind me of the Mermaid Barbie cartoons where all mermaids had a beautiful mix of colours, very harmonic and fascinating combination. Now a real swim suit is designed by Magictail Germany and you can have it with free delivery at your door in 2 working days in the whole UAE. Also you can pay cash when you receive the tail at your door. 

If you did not get your tail yet, now is the time to check out the new collection, If you already purchased one don’t worry you don’t have to buy the full set again. You can buy the tail skin only for 490AED and enjoy your New Mermaid dress for swimming.

You can alway SMS or WhatsApp Mermaidubai Helpline 00971501624147


Mermaid tail gift for Valentin’s day! February 10 2016

Valentins is right around the corner and since you know how much she loves to have one mermaid fin of her own…

We couldn’t wait to share this news that we have special discount for Valentin’s shopper. yes, just type “Love to be Mermaid” in the voucher code box, when you order and get 10% off on your total bill.

So grab your handy or laptop and book it online, we deliver in 2 working days, the good news is delivery is free…

We can also book and just send us a sms or whatsApp on 0501624147. We will book it for you…

You can instantly add “ Wow” to your gift by wrapping the box with red sticker-ribbon. Just send a quick note or email to and mention: ”add the red ribbon” and we will make sure you get it ready as you wish.


(Order by sms available Only in UAE) T&C apply