A Royal Mermaid Birthday Party February 11 2015

We are excited to show you this amazing Mermaid Birthday.
Rent Mermaid swimming costume for all the kids with instructor. They get different accessories matching their Mermaid costume for Mermaids photo shoots, games and they love to play with those and exchange them, At the end of party each kid will receive a Gift bag include the accessories that each mermaid should have and a discount voucher on purchase of a Mermaid tail in our online shop. Contact; for more information and price…
Mermaid Birthday Set up and much more activities is available by requests…

We have a fascinating and Memorable activity for children which they will have lots of fun with that, called “Pearl Activity”

A Royal Mermaid Birthday Party | MermaiDubai

Mermaid Tail colours and Models December 30 2014

Mermaid Tail colours and Models - Mermaid Dubai
Which one is your favourite Colour? 

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 And keep in your mind it’s not only a colour combination and realistic pattern, Its quality that’s help you to swim like a Mermaid.

Subscribe to the Mermaid Club December 16 2014

The Mermaid Club in Dubai tries to create events for Mermaids that will encourage them to learn more and become professional Mermaids. At the end, the goal for this category would be to encourage children to be active in swimming and motivate them for the sport. The gathering makes them to be more social and to find a similar interest group to communicate. 

The Mermaid Club would introduce and support other companies who provide Mermaid swimming classes and synchronised swimming classes. These classes will not only be fun for the children who already know swimming very well but also will introduce another field of swimming that is combined with dance.

There will be special promotions and sales for the subscribers to the Mermaid Club and in other words, members of the Mermaid Club are our VIPs.

To be a member in Mermaid Club shows us that either you are Mermaid, you love Mermaids or you wish to become one. We do love to help our club members to enjoy, do sport, socialise and also use the benefit of being the first to know about promotions and special offers on mermaidubai-Magictail costumes.

Get your Mermaid tail with free delivered at your doorstep in Dubai December 10 2014


Get your Mermaid tail with free delivered at your doorstep in Dubai


Mermaidubai is offering free delivery in Dubai for the promotion time and you can also pay cash at your doorstep. Mermaidubai is the distributor of Magictail GmbH in GCC. We Ship the Mermaids Swimming costumes to anywhere in GCC and countries around Persian Gulf.



Mermaid Lemonade Punch November 30 2014

Love the color of this Blue lagoon kids party drink and it was also very easy to make. To make it, just add one part lemonade to one part 7up, one part Water and just a few pixie dust of blue food colouring. and lots of ice cubes. We had them in a star and fish shape but they melted so quick.
Mermaid Lemonade Punch | Mermaid Dubai

Why Magictail is the most beautiful mermaid tail? November 27 2014

Magictail Swimming Costume is made of high quality swimming material (80%Polyester and 20% spandex). It’s designed the way that sticks to the body and will keep the shape of pretty tail on your legs and it creates a smooth Mermaid body. Ultra realistic fish-scale pattern (photo-print) will add such a natural and real skin to the tail. While it is very easy to pull over and wear it will look amazing on the body as well. Even though it is covering a variety of ages and sizes, it still looks fit and good on the body.


The Monofin is designed the way that sticks to your feed beautifully and makes the feeling that its part of your body. It is made of a thin material that does not create a bulky shape under your fish skin mermaid costume. The Monofin is designed and made of light materials. The lines are chosen in a way that the function of the tail creates a smooth and easy movement in water. It looks ergonomically and proportionally the best way that could be designed.

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Why Magic tail is the most beautiful mermaid tail?

4 things about your Mermaid tail October 01 2014

 4 things about your Mermaid tail - MermaiDubai


1. The Mermaid tail is made of 3 parts: the tail skin, Bikini and the Monofin.

2. Remember: children should be supervised by parents during swimming with the Mermaid tail.

3. Always avoid to stand on the Monofin and also avoid rubbing or hitting it to the pool side. This way you avoid damaging your fin and tail skin. Also after every swimming, the tail should be washed with water to rinse off.

4. Don’t forget your Mermaid tail in the sun. As we know the sun here is very strong and can damage any material that is exposed for too long.

Mermaids are in Dubai September 07 2014

Im excited to announce the birth of Mermaids in the UAE. Now we are able to provide you with the high quality German mermaid tails that can be easily used by children above 8 years. 

In addition to that we are working on “Royal Mermaid Birthday" package.

                                                                                                                                                                                                             Mermaids are in Dubai