Mermaid tails-Fins size XS for Small Kids Fun for parents and children. Available now! July 28 2016


Mermaid tail-fin XS for ages 5 to 7 is the new collection from Magictail for the hot summer. Have fun watching your little Princess swim like mermaids! 

The new fins size XS extra small have quite a small mono fin which makes it much easier for kids age 5 to 7 to swim in it. The available models and colors are Sirene, Arielle, Marina and Neptuna.

How cute to watch our little girls or boys to swim with mermaid tails or fish tails. 

There were so many requests for smaller size costume, as the age of learning to swim starts much earlier, that the manufacturer decided to produce a smaller version. Kids age 5 have already started classes to learn swimming or parents spent more time in the pool with their own kids in earlier ages, children learn to swim much earlier especially in hot and summery countries like the UAE, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Oman. 

Our kids spent more time in the pool than on the playground, which makes them cool down from the heat and also it’s a perfect sport. Imagine how an amazing entertaining and fantasy game is added to all those great water activities.  

Not to mention that as parents we enjoy and are fascinated by watching them quite a lot.

To shop directly from Mermaidubai website please click here. You can contact us for any assistance on 00971501624147 (available in whatsApp). Cash on delivery is available for whole GCC counties. 

At last and most important is safety of your child! This product is suitable for kids who are able to swim very well in the water and in the deep.

This product is dangerous for children who cannot yet swim! Parents’ supervision is required at all times.