How to Buy a Mermaid tail to swim in? May 06 2015

Recently we had many emails that many mommies asked how to book their daughters favourite Mermaid swimsuit or how long it would take to deliver the tail?

Where to find the Mermaid tail collection?

Where to find the Mermaid tail collection? We gathered all the products in 2 categories:

a) Full set Mermaid tails: to find a Mermaid tail full set you can visit our collections and choose the category: Full set Mermaid Costume then you can choose your favourite colours and Mermaid costume model.

b) or if you need parts, for example a Mermaid Tail Skin or a Monofin alone you can visit “Parts”

How to Buy a Mermaid tail to swim in? | Mermaid Dubai


How to find the right size?

You need to find your right size by clicking on the My size button. It’s not very complicated if you know that we have only 3 sizes: Small, Medium and Large. Usually children between age 7 to 10 years old would fit in size “S” but if your child is smaller or bigger than her age size, you may review the size carefully. Size "M” will cover age 10 to small adult and easy to find the right size for this group. Size “L” is for tall adult with height more than 165 cm. What is important in size M or L for an adult is to find the right Bikini and Monofin size and you may check that carefully.

How to order a Mermaid tail?

After you chose the Mermaid tail model and colour and also you find the right size, You can press "add to my card” button. Check your order and quantity and press the “check out” button. You will receive a form that you need to fill about contact number and address…

Writing the correct and complete address will help you to get the Mermaid swimsuit on time otherwise there will be delay on delivery date. Then press the “continue” and confirm your order. you will receive an email in few minutes that confirm your order. We will call you shortly after you order to get your confirmation. 

How long delivery will take?

You will receive the Mermaid costume that you order in 2 working days within UAE. We always try and make sure that we have all the models in stock but in a rare case, if we are out of stock for one of our product we will make sure that you will receive your order within a week. We will inform you about the delay and new delivery date. In other GCC countries it may take 1or 2 days more to deliver the swimmable Mermaid suit. We will contact you to inform you about the date shortly after you ordered.

How to pay for Mermaid swimsuit?

You can pay “cash” when you receive the Mermaid swimsuit at your door step anywhere in the UAE. So there is no credit card hassle, disappearing the product somewhere on the way or where the money gone… You pay when you have the Mermaid Costume in your hand. So please make sure you have the exact amount cash at your location.

 To order bulk or placing order from other GCC country except UAE, kindly email to We will facilitate the payment methods accordingly.