Subscribe to the Mermaid Club December 16 2014

The Mermaid Club in Dubai tries to create events for Mermaids that will encourage them to learn more and become professional Mermaids. At the end, the goal for this category would be to encourage children to be active in swimming and motivate them for the sport. The gathering makes them to be more social and to find a similar interest group to communicate. 

The Mermaid Club would introduce and support other companies who provide Mermaid swimming classes and synchronised swimming classes. These classes will not only be fun for the children who already know swimming very well but also will introduce another field of swimming that is combined with dance.

There will be special promotions and sales for the subscribers to the Mermaid Club and in other words, members of the Mermaid Club are our VIPs.

To be a member in Mermaid Club shows us that either you are Mermaid, you love Mermaids or you wish to become one. We do love to help our club members to enjoy, do sport, socialise and also use the benefit of being the first to know about promotions and special offers on mermaidubai-Magictail costumes.