Why Magictail is the most beautiful mermaid tail? November 27 2014

Magictail Swimming Costume is made of high quality swimming material (80%Polyester and 20% spandex). It’s designed the way that sticks to the body and will keep the shape of pretty tail on your legs and it creates a smooth Mermaid body. Ultra realistic fish-scale pattern (photo-print) will add such a natural and real skin to the tail. While it is very easy to pull over and wear it will look amazing on the body as well. Even though it is covering a variety of ages and sizes, it still looks fit and good on the body.


The Monofin is designed the way that sticks to your feed beautifully and makes the feeling that its part of your body. It is made of a thin material that does not create a bulky shape under your fish skin mermaid costume. The Monofin is designed and made of light materials. The lines are chosen in a way that the function of the tail creates a smooth and easy movement in water. It looks ergonomically and proportionally the best way that could be designed.

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Why Magic tail is the most beautiful mermaid tail?